Best Museums in Europe

Europe is known to be the greatest place to explore for its historical museums. The museums of Europe offer great art pieces to discover and the fossils of the oldest creatures from the past. You can discover the most exquisite and splendid museums in England, London because of its great influence over the world in its past.

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Top 10 Museums in Europe

1.   The British Museum

The British Museum is located in London which contains the history of humans and their culture. Its enduring collection, which contains about more than eight millions of artifacts, is known to be the greatest and highly complicated in its lifetime and contains the history of the whole world. The place offers great knowledge to them which order to seek the beginning of the humans and where they are now at present.

2.   The Pompidou Museum

The Pompidou Museum is originally known as the Pompidou Centre but it is mostly for English Purposes. It is known as the fourth borough of Paris which offers great units in it. The Pompidou Centre is known to be the biggest and largest in size in Europe and it shows the origin of ancient music and its historical researches.

3.   The Rijksmuseum

The Rijks Museum was inaugurated in the Hague in the year of 1800s, but after some time they moved it to Amsterdam and they just keep on moving it. Then it was finally located in 1885 and open to the public for just profitable reasons. But then the queen only donated 375 Euros to renovate it for her ten-year development plan. The museum is very popular and has a record of taking in more than two million visitors.

4.   Prado Museum

The Prado Museum is originally known as the museum of art which has more than two thousand paintings since its publicizing. The place offers great knowledge for the artists and past sculptures which greatly can enhance interest in anyone seeking knowledge of the art. The Museum has so well grown that it gets fairly large donations and purchases than any museum.

5.   Uffizi Gallery 

The most complicated rather large museums with great work are Uffizi Gallery which is one of the most important museums in the world. The museum contains unique stuff from the beginning and late 1700s which is quite impressive. The museum contains every kind of artifacts like musical instruments, historical stuff and fossil fuels.